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To create healthy and fun participation opportunities for people belonging to all age groups in order to develop positive social ongoing effects for communities through sports and other recreation events.

To create sustainable participation opportunities for communities cultivating positive holistic rewards.


To develop legacies, communications, and support networks for communities to positively grow.

Community Connact is a community-led initiative that aims to engage and empower communities through social gatherings, sports, arts, drama, culture, and recreational activities. In line with this aim, the wider goal of Community Connact is to increase the social standings of communities, particularly those which have been identified as having high deprivation.

Community Connact encourages social capability growth within these communities through the provision of regular interactive activities that promote inclusivity, participation, fun and close connection between people, in a non-threatening environment. Through the regular interactive social activities, we expect to impact community well-being through positive experiences and hope to build community capability by co-design due to which we would also promote a reduction of socially concerning behaviors.


Community connact is a pilot hub of DIVINE Group started in INDIA. Drawing on the power of events as a tool for engagement, this collaborative initiative aims to impact social behavior through the development of community leaders and reduce barriers to participation by providing accessible and positive experiences to communities that may not otherwise have such opportunities. The program is about to launch phase 2.

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